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The GLC-Class

See the GLC-Class in a new light

Right for any living environment.

An SUV imbued with sensual purity: the new GLC. A strong-charactered vehicle with a solid yet athletic look to it. A reliable and accomplished companion in all life's situations: timeless, cutting-edge, progressive. And always raring to go.

Exterior - expressive impressionism.

A powerful, expressive presence: the new GLC impresses, starting from the front. coherent proportions and exciting light and shadow effects give it a powerful feel. And at the rear the new GLC looks broad and sporty.

The front's powerful, expressive presence stems primarily from the very upright-looking radiator trim, with two louvres and the central Mercedes star. The design of the headlamps and the daytime driving lamps as well as the bucket-tooth-look sump shield are also very striking.

From the side, the cladding on the wheel arches reinforces the SUV look of the new GLC, which can be further reinforced with optional aluminium-look running boards. The pronounced wheel arches are primarily responsible for the wide-based, sporty look of the rear. The roof spoiler also emphasises its athletic look.

Interior - anything is possible.

The ultimate in purism as befits an intelligent modern "great": the high-quality design in the interior of the new GLC is in a class of its own. Authentic materials, combined with flowing surface finishes, exude a luxurious sense of lightness, making the new GLC extremely appealing.

The sense of lightness in the new GLC comes in part from the controls in silver chrome, with metallic tactile qualities. The wool and linen used for the seat coverings as well as the open-pore wood used as trim give a natural feel.

This trim is used on a large scale to divide the instrument panel horizontally. You can specify different colours and materials for the upper and lower part, imbuing the interior with an even greater air of quality.

And the harmony extends to the areas not immediately visible: a large amount of knee and leg room also contribute to pleasant journeys no matter where you're sitting. The large amount of cargo volume, of up to 1600 litres, gives you lots of options for longer journeys, too. The options are boundless.


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