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CL-Class Coupe

The CLA-Class Coupe

A masterpiece from Mercedes-Benz

Interior design

The centre console stretches distinctively between the two front integral seats upholstered in high-quality leather. The dashboard fits perfectly into the scene thanks to its metal-plated surfaces and refined wood components.


PRE-SAFE® brake

As a complement to the optional extra DISTRONIC PLUS, the PRE-SAFE® brake can help avoid rear-end collisions. When it recognises the danger of collision, the system warns the driver not just audibly but visually: the PRE-SAFE® brake is autonomously activated and slows the vehicle down by up to 4 m/s˛.



The COMAND management and display system can be operated intuitively and comfortably from the COMAND controller – a pressure-sensitive rotary switch located in front of the armrest. The COMAND display is now located next to the instrument cluster, making it that much closer to your field of vision.


CLA-Class Coupé

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